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Our customers are very excited about the SafetyBunns design.
  • "From my experience with SafetyBunns, it is an excellent product to help eliminate chair related falls due to sliding/slipping in patients with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, dementia and developmental disability." Dr. Rein,

  • A testimonial from Sandra Bruce's site MomsGet Real states, "thanks to
    SafetyBunns, LLC, we can keep Kyle from sliding out of the chair."

A testimonial from Chantal Robinson Gibbs, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM @ University
of Cincinnati Medical Center. "My Dad loves the pants- and we have noticed the difference with his sitting in his wheelchair vs. sliding. I am sure we will be ordering more soon. Thanks so much-- the idea is absolutely wonderful," Chantal Robinson Gibbs, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Posted by Camille Adams @ Starbuck Home, Echoing Lake ICF/MRDD in Oberlin, Ohio. "As a caregiver, I have witnessed the benefits of using SafetyBunns Non Slip Pants. Clients who are wheelchair bound often experience the frustration of sliding in their seats multiple times throughout the day. This can lead to very poor posture and have lasting effects on their health.
Not only are the Non Slip Pants comfortable, but they are made of quality material, providing a rubber gripping to any seat a person may sit in."
Song, Wanchun RQHR @ Pioneer Village in Regina, Canada wrote: Just feel eager to tell you some good news about trial of your great non-slip pants.  First of all, the trial is a success. You magic pants have worked well with a resident who had frequent sliding falls in the past.  Since we put your magic pants on him two weeks ago, I have NOT received any incident reports on this resident.  I feel delighted to know that nurses and care staff checked skin every day and haven't observed any skin problems either.  Staff said that these pants are very comfortable and easy to put on.  They did, however, mentioned that the resident still tends to slide on a seating surface in a slouching posture but the pants appear to stop the resident at the edge.  I told the staff not to expect any non-restraint equipment can stop sliding completely. What care staff needs to do is to reposition the resident whenever they see the resident is sitting in a slouching posture at the edge of a seat. Anyway, since nurses and majority of staff found these pants do work, the family has decided to purchase 3 pairs immediately and will order directly through your website soon. Today, Director of Care of another long-term care facility in our health region has shown strong interest in your product.  I have handed out your business card to her.  Our CEO will also spread the news at regional long-term care meeting.  I hope and believe that you would gradually receive more calls and orders from our health region.  Thank you again for sending us free samples and allowing us to try your great innovative product.
Catherine Alloway, RN  Assistant Director of Nursing,   Good Samaritan Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation I haven't had him fall since the administration of SafetyBunns, non-slip pants,  so that is great"!

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Do you know of anyone with limited motor skills & having problems with traditional closures such as buttons, snaps and zippers? SafetyBunns is happy to connect with LeaAnn Yost the creator of Smart Wear. Please visit them SMART WEAR

TLC Medical Supplies, Palm Harbor, FL is now displaying SafetyBunns, non-slip pants. Owner Cristel Harden also is a Fall Prevention Advocate.

The Complete Guide to Fall Prevention™ by Kelly Ward (The Fall Prevention Lady) is a MUST-READ for you. Learning about things that cause you to lose your balance is the first step to remaining independent.  For those of you who feel less stable and more at risk of falling, visit

John A. Robinson R.N  President/

THE Inspiring Story---

Rene’ L. is diagnosed with dementia. She is wheelchair dependent with extreme torrential ataxia. Rene when in her wheelchair due to her decreased muscle control often slides forward in her wheel chair causing her to slouch and slide to the end of her chair, precipitating an unsafe environment.

She has had episodes of sliding forward out of her wheelchair onto the floor or to the point where she was precariously balanced and almost on the floor under a table.  Recently her dementia has worsened. She has very limited control over her muscle’s and unable to bear weight.Her safety is paramount and an issue we have to deal with on a daily basis. Rene’ is unaware of her safety needs.

We tried many interventions to maintain a safe and fall-free environment.

1.  1 on 1 supervisory monitoring was not feasible.

2.  The padded chair pad caused her undue discomfort increasing behavior due to the discomfort.

3.  Placing her up against a table in her wheelchair, that only increased potential for bodily injury.

 I was fortunate enough to read some information about a new product named SAFETY BUNNS, while surfing LinkedIn.  I spoke with Barb about the pants and I ordered a pair for my patient Rene’.

 All I can say is this:

I highly recommend SAFETY BUNNS for patients at risk of bodily injury due to sliding forward in a chair.Rene’ not once slid forward, the staff at the home was impressed with how effective the pants kept her safe. They also freed up a worker, because she did not require constant interventions and supervision. The pants were comfortable and fit well. Her family wishes to buy a few more in order to maintain her safety.    

 If you are looking for a safe alternative to keep your patients free from falls out of his/her chair consider  SAFETY BUNNS!  Make SAFETY BUNNS your primary line of defense in patient safety.

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